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A stone of inner stability and grounding- slow down and get centered – Virgo and Gemini zodiac – moon planet- earth element – vibration #7

Agate is a variegated class of chalcedony; usually exhibiting colored bands or other markings. However some agate is not patterned.

  • Balances yin-yang energies
  • Stabilizes & cleanses the aura
  • Acts to smooth dysfunctional energies and to both transform and eliminate negativity
  • Helpful when examining oneself & the circumstances relevant to their well-being
  • Can be placed in water for use in cooking and/or for drinking to dispel sickness
  • Has been used to strengthen sight, diminish thirst, & to promote marital fidelity
  • Astrological sign of Gemini

These properties are common to all members of the Agate family. However, each individual type of agate possesses further qualities. Use your knowledge of color and charkas to enhance the agate properties listed above accordingly.

Blue Lace Agate: most useful for throat chakra, communication, calming, etc.

There are most likely hundreds of different agates that have not been categorized so have fun with them. You might discover one that has never been seen before.


Also known as Microcline

Chemistry: KAlSi3 O8, Potassium aluminum silicate

Notable occurrences include Colorado, North Carolina, Russia, Norway, Madagascar
A type of feldspar that crystallizes in the form of prismatic crystals, tabular crystals or masses

  • Assists in releasing emotional body grief by helping to express it creatively
  • Helps to release the feeling of a need to suffer
  • Provides pacification and eliminates aggression
  • Soothes all chakras
  • Releases worry and fear
  • Helps to manifest and retain the pure energy of Universal Love
  • Produces a balancing & preventative energy
  • A lovely stone to carry or wear for general health maintenance
  • It balances the female/male energies, bringing forth the qualities of clarity & clear spirit
  • Helps to integrate and synthesize duality
  • Balances the many aspects of one’s personality
  • Improves communication
  • Wonderful relationship stone
  • Heals thymus
  • Astrological sign of Virgo


Good stone for artists and musicians- trust, intuition, spirituality, inner peace, – February- zodiac signs: Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces- planet: Jupiter- element: air n water- vibration #3

Chemistry: SiO2, Silicon dioxide – Variety of Quartz
Notable occurrences include Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico
A variety of quartz that forms in crystalline or massive form

  • Known as the “Stone of Spirituality and Contentment”
  • Facilitates transmutation of lower energies into the higher frequencies of the spiritual and ethereal levels
  • Clears the aura and stabilizes any dysfunctional energy in the body, bestowing stability, strength, & peace
  • An excellent “Stone of Meditation”
  • Conducts calm and peaceful energy to help enter & maintain the meditative state
  • For humility
  • Assists in surrender and letting go
  • For mental clarity
  • Provides prosperity and helps business affairs to prosper
  • Encourages & supports sobriety, working for one who is attempting to find freedom from addictions
  • Empowers the Crown Chakra
  • Astrological sign of Pisces, Aquarius, & Capricorn


This stone makes the lazy more industrious, and slow minded more clever. It shows you how to deal with everything you need to do within the required period of time; it helps you manage and deal with daily stresses of life, and helps you figure out the next step on your journey (aquamarine, morganite, heliodor).

Chemistry: Be3 Al2 Si6 O18, Variety of Beryl
Notable occurrences include Brazil, Pakistan, USA
A variety of Beryl which crystallizes prismatically and rarely terminated

  • Known as the ‘Stone of Courage’
  • Provides a shielding property for the aura and subtle energy bodies
  • Comforts in time of physical, emotional, & karmic release
  • Provides stability for those involved in spiritual development
  • Ocean Goddess energy
  • Aids communication & connection with spirit guides & angels
  • Has been used for improving vision, & assists in the maintenance of the teeth and bone structure
  • Astrological signs of Gemini, Pisces, Aries


Aventurine is a stone of prosperity. It reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness. Promotes compassion and empathy. Encourages perseverance.

Aventurine is a mineral, which is spangled with bright particles of mica, hematite, or pyrite (the properties of said inclusions also apply).

  • Primarily to clear and activate the Heart Chakra
  • Provides balance of the female and male energies
  • Protection, grounding
  • Enhances creativity and amplifies leadership qualities
  • Opens the heart to others and increases trust in life
  • Brings about adventures in love and travel.
  • Treats disorders of the lungs, heart, adrenal glands and muscular systems
  • Complete love, forgiveness, letting go, self love
  • Astrological sign of Aries

Blue Chalcedony

Known as the speakers stone, it promotes brotherhood and goodwill; absorbs negative energy and alleviates hostility.

Zodiac: Aquarius Virgo Sagittarius cancer

Chemistry: CaCO3, Calcium Carbonate
Chalcedony is considered a member of the quartz family
Occurs as stalactites, botryoidal form, and in the lining of cavities of rocks

  • Balances the energy of the mind, body, emotions and spirit
  • Communication, speaking your truth
  • Encourages ‘brotherhood’ among all
  • Calming and soothing energy
  • Alleviates hostility, irritability, and melancholy with its nurturing energy
  • Contributes to knowing oneself
  • Goddess Energy
  • Promotes stability within ceremonial activities
  • Astrological sign of Taurus, Cancer & Leo

Blue Tiger Eye

Chakras – Throat Chakra
Element – Air
Blue Tiger Eye is calming and releases stress. It aids the quick-tempered, overanxious and phobic. Slows the metabolism, cools an overactive sex drive and dissolves sexual frustrations.

Blue Quartz

Chemistry: SiO2, Silicon dioxide
Blue Quartz is formed by the inclusion of tiny blue rutile, tourmaline, or zoisite
Crystallizes in the form of masses

  • Combines the quality of Quartz but further serves to activate the throat chakra
  • Opens and stimulates the third eye
  • Removes fear and brings stimulation to new relationships
  • Brings contact with spirit guides & Angels
  • Encourages communication on all levels
  • Stabilizes new found psychic energy
  • Comforting and calming resonance
  • Encourages consideration & thoughtfulness in relationships
  • Stimulates Goddess energy
  • Stabilizes metabolic process
  • Astrological sign of all


The singers stone, artist stone. This stone is associated with taking bold action, individuality, and sociability.
Zodiac: Taurus, cancer, Leo, Virgo
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire

Chemistry: Variety of Quartz
Carnelian is a member of the quartz family & usually forms in the uniform color of red, orange, or red-brown

  • Symbolizes the strength and beauty of our planet
  • Grounds attention into the present moment
  • Stimulates analytical capabilities and precision
  • Protects against envy, fear, rage, and helps to banish sorrow from the emotional structure
  • To cleanse negativity from other stones and provides a clearing action when directed in this way
  • Can assist in dramatic pursuits and theatrical presentations
  • For increased creativity
  • Increases physical energy, personal power, creativity & compassion
  • Used for infertility & impotency & cleanses the reproductive organs
  • Rebuilds the Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Self-control, marital happiness & good fortune
  • Astrological sign of Taurus, Cancer & Leo
  • Carnelian focuses analytical capabilities, and aids meditation by allowing deeper concentration and keeping out interrupting thoughts. Carnelian is useful in making decisions by keeping us focused on the here and now and not on past experiences. Carnelian calms anger and grounds you in reality, while keeping you aware of unconditional Love permeating the Universe. Carnelian encourages initiative and determination


The receiver stone. This stone is helpful if you’re in need of emotional makeover. It manifests positivity, being open hearted, and optimistic. It promotes truth and love, encourages fidelity in business and personal relationships. It also helps overcome impulsive and compulsive angry thoughts and behaviors.

Chemistry: SiO2, Silicon dioxide – Microcrystalline Quartz – Apple Green Chalcedony
Crystallizes in the form of stalactites, botryoidal form, and in the lining of cavities and rocks

  • Balances yin-yang energy
  • Aligns the chakras
  • Activates, opens, and energizes the heart chakra
  • Brings to the user a state of grace, compassion, non judgement
  • Reduces inferiority and superiority complex
  • Heals a broken heart
  • Heals past traumas and grieves
  • Soothes loneliness and encouraged trust
  • Stone for inner peace and inner strength
  • Stone of fidelity for business and personal affairs
  • Used to treat reproductive organs and to increase fertility; when consciously directed
  • Astrological sign of Libra


This stone radiates happiness, warmth, energy, and creativity. Also known as the merchants stone; it energizes life, imparts joy and wonder, attracts success and activates creativity. Encourages self expression, supportive in manifestation process and encourages generosity and sharing of good fortune. Excellent support stone for those who work in sales, merchant banking, sports/fitness, and the media since it reenergizes energy – great stone for artists of all kinds since it sparks creativity and imagination.

Zodiac: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra
Planet: Jupiter
Element: Air

Chemistry: SiO2 , Silicon dioxide, Variety of Quartz
Notable Occurrences include Arkansas, Brazil
A variety of quartz

  • Abundance on all levels
  • Assists in manifesting physical wealth and abundance on all levels
  • For confidence, inner security and personal power
  • One of only two minerals on earth that do not hold and accumulate energy but dissipate and transmute it (Amethyst is the other)
  • Never needs clearing or cleansing
  • Activates creativity
  • Stimulates mental focus, clarity & endurance
  • Great stone for success in business
  • Assists in interpersonal relationships or family matters
  • Helps one to ‘laugh’ & to have joy in life
  • Helps to diminish ‘muddy’ areas in your aura while stabilizing anger
  • Assists in stimulating spiritual power
  • Aids in digestion, promotes circulation & balances the thyroid gland
  • Astrological sign of Gemini, Aries, Libra & Leo


Also known as Cats Eye

This stone stimulates intuition and enhances awareness. It’s a grounding stone that provides protective energy and dispels unwanted energy from aura. Also amplifies good luck, happiness, serenity, optimism, and enhances creativity and kindness.

Zodiac: Capricorn, Taurus, Aries


Represents diplomacy and concurrence- expedites transfer of knowledge- peace and transformation, fertility.

  • Represents continuity, activity & structure
  • Harmonizes one with natural universal forces
  • Balances physical & spiritual realities
  • Supports pregnancy & eases giving birth
  • Alleviates postpartum depression
  • Aids in the new mothers adjustment and bonding to her baby
  • Protects one from depression and despondency
  • Eases baby’s colic and crying
  • Heals adults who were adopted
  • Ideal for inner child healing
  • Astrological sign of Cancer & Libra

*Red Coral specifically activates root chakra assisting in manifesting goals & grounding (helps kidney, bladder & parathyroid)

Elestial Quartz

Restores wisdom and abundance; brings a sense of hope and comfort where we once felt lost or unhappy, opens heart to love by healing past wounds and remove anxiety we have in our heart. Reveals hidden truths about the true nature of ones self and helps with depression. This is an abundance crystal.

Zodiac: Pisces
Element: air and spirit

Also called the new millennium crystals, Elestial quartz connects the heart and the mind to bring emotional burdens to the surface helping one to overcome these. It acts as a guide to help one find all spiritual things that one is looking for.

Internal rainbows accompany Elestial quartz and bring a feeling of joy, helping one to deal with negativity and seeing the love in all.

The double termination of these crystals means that it will receive and/or send energy through both ends simultaneously. This ability makes this a wonderful crystal for eliminating disease in the body and mind.

It is advised that you place an Elestial near any electrical appliance in your home and if you live near power lines, a larger Elestial placed in the center of your home is recommended.


The stone of successful love, brings loyalty and domestic bliss, enhances unconditional love. A stone of great vision and intuition. Also promotes friendship and balance between partners.

Planet: Mercury
Zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Libra
Element: Earth

Chemistry: Be3 Al2 Si6 O18, Berylium Aluminum Silicate
Notable occurrence in Colombia

  • The green variety of Beryl
  • Known as the Stone of LOVE & PROSPERITY
  • Creates ABUNDANCE
  • Detoxifies negativity and transforms it into positive emotional energy
  • Security, harmony & closeness to the Goddess within
  • Aids in emotional & life transitions and changes
  • To open, activate & stimulate the Heart Chakra
  • Increases understanding of one’s life purpose in relation to the Universal Plan
  • Astrology sign of Gemini & Taurus


The stone of health- also represents physical love between two partners, sensuality, passion, and sexuality. January birthstone

Zodiac: Virgo, Aries and Leo-
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire

Chemistry: Ca3Al2(SiO4)3, Calcium Aluminum Silicate
Notable Occurrences are Asbestos, Canada, Mexico, Kenya, Italy and Sri Lanka

  • Crystallizes in the form of masses, granules, & plate-like layers
  • Garnet is a stone of health, extracting negative energies from the chakras
  • Balances and stimulates the development and movement of the kundalini
  • Opens the Root Chakra and draws earth energy into the body, grounding
  • Aids in changes or disruptions with family and home
  • Assists in manifesting
  • Stimulates the life force, boosts sexuality and fertility
  • Repels disharmonious energies from your aura
  • For treating disorders of the spine, bone, cellular structure, heart, lungs and blood
  • Astrological signs of Leo, Virgo, Capricorn & Aquarius


Howlite is composed of hydrous calcium borate and is opaque.  It’s generally white to cream with fine grey or black veining. Howlite is a great stone to reduce anxiety, tensions, stress and anger, it is gentle, soothing and calms the energy around you.  It is also good at encouraging emotional expression and it can help in the elimination of pain, and de-fuse stress and/or anger.

It formulates ambitions and aids in achieving them. Howlite strengthens memory and stimulates desire for knowledge. It teaches patience and helps to eliminate rage, pain and stress. A calming stone, it calms communication, facilitates awareness and encourages emotional expression.

Zodiac – Gemini
Element – Air
Vibration – Number 2
Typical colors – cream or white, with fine grey or black veins in a web-like pattern


Gem variety of both Jadeite and Nephrite
NAME ORIGIN: From the Spanish, piedra de ijada, “stone of the side,” because its supposed to cure kidney ailments if applied to the side of the body

The toughness of jade is remarkable. It has a strength greater than steel
The emerald green jade called “Imperial Jade” is colored by chromium

  • Known as a ‘dream stone’ and ‘stone of fidelity’
  • Assists in dream solving and remembering
  • Encourages service to others and the planet
  • Facilitates peace from within the physical, emotional, and intellectual structure
  • Soothe the emotions and heals heart chakra
  • Used to heal heart, kidneys, spleen
  • Use as an elixer to smooth skin and stimulate healthy hair
  • Astrological sign of Aries, Gemini, Libra, & Taurus


Dalmatien Jasper removes disillusionment, increases loyalty in relationships, and encourages a sense of playfulness. Counters cynicism and skepticism, and strengthens family bounds and friendships.

Zodiac: Virgo
Planet: Earth

Kambaba Jasper is the stone of peace and tranquillity. It calms the mind and promotes feelings of peace, reduces fear and increases your self worth. It brings inspiration and courage, wisdom and ability to get along with others. It also provides strength to those broken hearted by love, rejection or sudden abandonment. Kambaba releases negative thoughts and feelings that plague the consciousness on continual basis, and helps overcome obsessive thought patterns.

Zodiac: Scorpio

Mookaite Jasper is nurturing , grounding, shielding stone. This form of Jasper supports and sustains during times of stress, encourages versatility and helps accept change. It will help with emotional growth; and helps overcome procrastination by revealing the true reason for avoiding certain tasks and brings motivation to resolve- quiets distracting thoughts.

Ocean Jasper assists in accepting ones responsibility and instills patience, it stabilizes emotions and allows us to feel safe through life changes. It also encourages giving service to others, and provides focus on goals.

Zodiac: Capricorn

Picture Jasper brings comfort and alleviates fear, it instills a sense of proportion and harmony. It also inspires creative visualization, and is great for writers to wear as it will help overcome writers block. Wearing Picture Jasper will inspire confidence, creative vision, and practical application in starting your own business. Encourages initiative in business pursuits and ecological awareness- brings stability and balance.

Zodiac: Leo

Red Jasper is the stone of endurance and fertility. It supports healthy pregnancies and childbirth. It will bring problems to light and provides insight to difficult situations. Red Jasper encourages control in all things and stimulates passion in creative work. It will help in manifesting new ideas and freshness, and the energy to continue a project even after the initial excitement has dwindled.

A professional good support stone for all jobs requiring physical strength and stamina, from police to trade workers, waitresses and other high activity professions.

  • Opaque, forms in massive formations
  • Known as ‘the supreme nurturer’
  • Provides protection, protects against negativity
  • Helps one to be grounded
  • Heals women’s anger towards men & calms men’s sexual aggressiveness towards women
  • Balances the yin-yang energies, stabilizes the aura
  • Helpful in times of extended hospital time and when energy is low
  • When fasting, jasper can help to keep energy high
  • Promotes sexual compatibility between lovers, inspires tantric sex
  • Balances sexuality & promotes sexual compatibility
  • Balances menstrual cycles
  • Treatment of internal organs, loss of sense of content in the blood
  • Astrological sign of Leo


Chemistry: Ca(50-70%) Na(50-30%) (Al, Si) AlSi2 O8, Calcium sodium aluminum silicate
NAME ORIGIN: Named after its locality Labrador peninsula, Canada

Notable Occurrences include Labrador, Canada and Scandinavian Peninsula
A mineral that contains a display of spectral colors and rainbow prisms

  • The “Shaman’s” stone.
  • Protects and clears the aura of negative energy, psychic attacks, negative alien interference, implants, attachments & spirit possessions
  • Facilitates the transformation of intuition into intellectual thought
  • Symbolizes the moon and the sun energies, providing an added sense of self during transition, fostering a consciousness of life purpose
  • Aids the ability to see & communicate with positive other world beings
  • Opens the ability for accurate pendulum use & increases psychic vision
  • Used to treat brain disorders, stimulate mental activity
  • Reduces anxiety and stress.
  • Astrological signs of Leo, Scorpio & Sagittarius


Morganite is the pink variety of Beryl, a beryllium aluminum silicate, colored by manganese or cesium and forms in masses and prismatic crystals. It is pastel or pale in color by nature, known for its transparent peach-pink color, though it also occurs as soft pink, violet-pink or pale salmon.

With its gentle pink energy, Morganite attunes to the heart and the Heart Chakra. It cleanses the emotional body of stress and anxiety, old wounds and hidden traumas, and enkindles lightness within the spirit, as if a burden has been lifted. It brings in the frequency of Divine compassion, inspiring the awareness that life’s suffering and pain served a higher purpose in our spiritual growth, and can be a catalyst for moving forward in peace and confidence.

This crystal also attracts the abundance of love into one’s life and assists in maintaining that love as it continues to grow. It encourages loving thoughts and actions, consideration and responsibility, and being receptive to love from others. As a crystal of the heart, it may be used to attract one’s soul mate or in deepening a current relationship. It inspires joy and reverence for life, and increases the opportunities which allow one to experience the unconditional love of the Divine.


Chemistry: SiO2, Silicon Dioxide with large amounts of impurities
Notable Occurrences include Italy, Mexico, Scotland, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Utah and Idaho
Obsidian is lustrous volcanic glass

  • An excellent grounding stone
  • Protection from emotional and/or physical harm
  • Provides a shield against negativity and disperses unloving thoughts from the carrier into the mineral
  • Induces creativity in all endeavors
  • Assists in clearing out dirty cobwebs in the deepest recesses of the mind
  • To penetrate the unknown
  • Quite useful in healing the physical body
  • Astrological sign of Sagittarius


The stone that will help you let it all go. It’s a protection stone that allows you to release and remain calm. It gives strength, promotes vigor, steadfastness and stamina. It also shows inner depth of soul when used during meditation.

Crystallizes in the form of layers in a variety of colors

  • Centers & aligns the person with the Higher Power
  • Grounds and protects
  • Banishes grief
  • Encourages happiness & good fortune
  • Excellent psychic aid, cleansing intuitive receivers
  • Aids understanding of the cycle of life/death, reinforces the knowledge that there is no death
  • Aids in the understanding of the wheel of birth, death and rebirth
  • Assists in contact with those who have died
  • Aids past-life regression
  • Prevents and removes spirit possessions
  • Helps one to become the Master of their own future
  • Enhances self-control
  • Promotes wise decision making
  • Astrological signs of Leo


Chemistry: SiO2-nH2O, Hydrated Silicon Dioxide
NAME ORIGIN: From the Old Indian upala – “precious stone.”

Crystallizes in the form of masses
Viewed via an electron microscope, opal is seen as a uniform stacking and sizing of a great number of tiny spheres. The particular size of these spheres determines the color.
Colorless opals contains these spheres also, but without uniform size and stacking

  • Amplifies ones traits and characteristics
  • Furthers clean, true, and spontaneous actions & allows the release of inhibitions
  • Known as a “stone of happy dreams and changes”
  • Awakens psychic and mystical energies
  • Has been used to strengthen memory
  • Instills faithfulness & loyalty in personal & business relationships
  • Used to purify the blood, stimulate circulation, assist in recovery from Parkinson’s disease, & provide comfort & ease childbirth
  • Astrological signs of Cancer, Libra, Pisces & Scorpio


This natural stone signifies purity, faith, charity and innocence. It enhances personal integrity and helps provide a focus to ones attention. A helpful stone to overcome despondency, disappointment, and insecurity. It soothes and heals negativity and struggle in your life and dissolves negative attachments.
Planet: Moon


This stone is a powerful cleanser. A great study stone as it increases mental focus. In a workspace, it gives you the strength to persevere during challenging times. It’s a good antidepressant stone If worn, and helps dissipate negative patterns and old vibrations that play out over n over.
Planet: Mercury
Element: Earth
Chemistry: (Mg, Fe)2SiO4., Variety of Olivine
An estimated 80 – 95% of all world production of peridot comes from Arizona. Other regions include Egypt, Pakistan, Brazil, Germany; Chihuahua, Ethiopia, Australia
Forms in masses, grains & prismatic crystals

  • Emits a warm and friendly energy
  • To cleanse and stimulate the chakras
  • Heals emotional or nervous tension & physical pain
  • Provides a shield of protection around the body and should be removed prior to any chakra or physical healing
  • Inspires happiness while lessening anger in the ego
  • Promotes complete love, forgiveness and self love
  • Helps heal hurt feelings, bruised egos & damaged relationships
  • To relate to realities beyond the physical world
  • To detox intestinal organs especially the liver
  • To facilitate in the birthing process
  • To strengthen nearsightedness and astigmatism
  • Astrological signs of Virgo, Leo, Scorpio & Sagittarius


Chemistry: FeS2, Iron Sulfide
NAME ORIGIN: From the Greek, pyrites lithos, “stone which strikes fire,” in allusion to the sparking produced when iron is struck by a piece of pyrite
Notable Occurrences include Illinois and Missouri, Peru, Germany, Russia, Spain, South Africa
Crystallizes in the form of masses with striated cubes

  • Possesses a defending quality, shielding one from negative energies
  • Brings about optimal use of psychic energy
  • Encourages and sustains the ideal of a healthy intellect, & emotional well being
  • Aids prosperity & ability to manifest needs and abundance
  • Uplifts and grounds at once
  • Dispels unwanted interference from both the physical & spiritual worlds
  • Ideal to promote personal power
  • Known as the “King’s Stone”
  • Used in the treatment of bronchitis, to stimulate sexuality [when consciously directed] & regulate metabolism
  • Astrological sign of Leo


Clear Quartz amplifies whatever energy or intent that’s programmed into it. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy.
Planet: Sun ☀️

Chemistry: SiO2, Silicon dioxide
NAME ORIGIN: From the German “quarz”, of uncertain origin
Notable occurrences include Arkansas, Missouri, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Russia,
Crystallizes in the form of masses, grains, & prismatic crystals

  • Produces a naturally balanced energy field, modifying the available energy to all areas of the body
  • Harmonizes and aligns all human energies, thoughts, and emotions
  • The natural tendency of quartz is for harmony and is known as the ‘Stone of Power’
  • To increase prosperity and abundance in your life
  • Provides for enhanced energy and promotes perseverance, patience and restful sleep
  • If one uses quartz or any other mineral for purposes other than ‘for the good of all,’ the experience of destructive forces within one’s life will be invited
  • The “Stone of Peace”
  • Protects and clears negativity on all levels
  • Clears and activates all chakras
  • Astrological sign of all


Rhodochrosite is a manganese carbonate mineral of the Calcite group. It is a strong stone to aid in emotional healing, improving self worth and soothes emotional stress.   It encourages you to feel love for yourself, and its energy will assist you in meditation. The name Rhodochrosite comes from the Greek rhodos, meaning “rose,” and khros, meaning “color,” and refers to its vivid pink to rose-red color. It has a vitreous and pearly luster, often banded in layers ranging from white or light pink, to those that are nearly red and opaque.

Rhodochrosite welcomes all change. It urges us to pay attention to our hearts and those things we hunger for. It brings out the adventuresome qualities in us. It gives us new chances. When change calls to you or falls into your life, rhodochrosite can help you open your arms and embrace it. Rhodochrosite is also known as a stone of compassion, promoting selfless love.

Lastly, this beautiful stone is a natural enhancer for becoming a more mature adult by healing the wounds of childhood, and allowing one to better understand and forgive one’s parents. It is also a marvelous support stone for anyone who works with children, such as pediatricians, elementary school teachers, and caregivers

Chakras – Heart Chakra
Zodiac – Leo, Scorpio
Element – Earth
Vibration – Number 4
Typical colours – Pink, rose, red, yellowish-grey, brown, white, grey

Chemical Composition  MnCO3

Rose Quartz

The stone of compassion, unconditional love, and universal love. It restores trust and encourages self forgiveness and acceptance, invoking self trust and self worth. This stone inspires nurturing of self love, teaches you how to love yourself, particularly if you feel that no one loves you- YOU CAN’T RECEIVE LOVE IN YOUR LIFE UNTIL YOU LEARN HOW TO LOVE YOURSELF!
Zodiac: Taurus, Libra
Planet: Venus

Chemistry: SiO2, Silicon Dioxide Variety of Quartz
Notable occurrences include Madagascar, India, Germany, South Dakota, Brazil
Crystallizes in the form of masses, grains, and quite rarely as crystal structures
The ‘stone of gentle love’, rose quartz reinstates the loving gentle forces of self-love by reprogramming the heart to love itself

  • Brings peacefulness and calm to relationships
  • For spiritual attainment to the energy of love
  • Balances yin-yang energy while tuning each chakra to its proper vibrational frequency
  • Provides an excellent energy for healing emotional wounds & negative childhood experiences
  • Stimulates the true life force: love!
  • For fertility
  • To reduce wrinkles and clear the skin resulting in a soft complexion
  • Astrological sign of Taurus and Libra


Also known as Cats Eye

The gem of Kings, it encourages passion and zest for life, and amplifies energy and vitality. THIS STONE ISN’T RECOMMENDED TO THOSE WHO ARE HIGHLY SENSITIVE OR IRRITABLE-they will find this stone over-stimulating and uncomfortable to wear.
Ruby improves motivation and setting of realistic goals; balances the heart and instills confidence.

Chemistry: Variety of Corundum
NAME ORIGIN: Probably derived from the Sanskrit, kuruvinda, meaning “ruby.”
Notable occurrences include Thailand, India, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, North Carolina, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Tanzania, Kampuchea, and perhaps most notably, Burma.
Oriented rutile crystal inclusions cause a six-rayed-star light effect (called asterism) to form the popular Star Ruby.

  • Known as “Star of Purity”
  • Induces stability in ones economic status
  • It has been said, as long as one retains a little bit of ruby, wealth will never depart
  • Protects against unhappiness, nightmares, and lightning
  • Aids connection to angels, spirit guides, goddesses
  • Fosters channeling & automatic writing
  • Stabilizes, revitalizes energy on all levels & grounds
  • Aids chronic fatigue, weakness, low vitality
  • Astrological signs of Scorpio, Leo, Cancer, Sagittarius

Rutilated Quartz

This stone is the remover of obstacles, and grounding. It balances yin and yang. It’s a powerful shield stone that, depending on the desired intent of the wearer, can amplify and return negative energy, like a mirror spell, or can convert negative into positive for the wearer. It helps identify emotional patterns that need to be purified and cleansed.

Use when you overreact to a situation or a person and need to understand the reason for the negative reaction.

Zodiac: Capricorn
Element: Earth

Chemistry: TiO2 & SiO2, Titanium Oxide & Silicon dioxide
NAME ORIGIN: From the Latin, rutilus – “reddish.”
Notable Occurrences include Minas Gerias, Brazil, Swiss Alps, Arkansas, and some African localities
Rutilated Quartz is quartz terminated by rutile, which is a needle like crystal with a wide color range, commonly yellow, gold, copper and sometimes silver

  • It is likened to the appearance of wheat straw and Angel Hair
  • The Rutile intensifies the power of the Quartz
  • Repels negativity
  • Harmonizes relationships, marriages, mental processes and emotional & physical imbalances
  • Eases one who is in transition
  • Brings forth calm, reason, & order
  • Astrological signs of Gemini & Taurus


Sapphire is the gem of wisdom. It releases mental tension and unwanted thoughts. The deep blue is good for self discipline, commitment and fidelity.
Planet: Saturn
Element: Water

Smokey Quartz

This powerful grounding stone neutralizes negative energy and positive thoughts. It lifts depression, and brings in practicality. An excellent stepping stone to vibrating at your full potential because it will release negative emotions like jealousy, fear or anger. It will eliminate worry and doubt when faced with chaos or confusion; and helps you feel more fully engaged with the world.
A good stone to use if you want to give up smoking.

Zodiac: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn
Element: Earth and Air
Chemistry: SiO2, Zinc carbonate
NAME ORIGIN: From the German “quarz”, of uncertain origin
Notable occurrences include Arkansas, Missouri, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Russia,
Crystallizes in the form of masses, grains, & prismatic crystals
The presence of sodium in clear quartz creates smokey quartz

  • Enhances a feeling of security and safety
  • Transforms negative emotions & patterns
  • Facilitates the desire to set aside the thinking mind and clear mental channels
  • Initiates a powerful force field which will absorb many forms of negativity
  • Balances yin yang energies
  • Excellent grounding stone, creating acceptance of the body & earth plane
  • Promotes personal pride and joy
  • Promotes walking softly on the Earth Mother, encouraging Earth awareness and responsibility
  • Regulates creativity in business
  • Diffuses communication deficiencies and emotional blockages which limit perception and learning
  • Heals fear, depression, addictions, obsessions
  • Astrological sign of Capricorn & Sagittarius

Strawberry Quartz

Chemistry: SiO2, Silicon dioxide
Crystallizes in the form of masses

  • Promotes unconditional love for others and oneself
  • Aids in viewing life with understanding & compassion for all
  • Helps one to understand one’s past lives and karmic debts
  • Used in Atlantis and Lemuria in healing ceremonies
    held by the high council; those being the most spiritually developed at the time
  • The stone will be made available to those who are both ready and willing to embrace the information
  • Creates compassion for the not-perfect body
  • Astrological sign of all


Sunstone is a member of the Feldspar family, and is named for its warm shades of gold, orange, reds and browns that sparkle like the sun. Sunstone is linked to luck and good fortune. It clears and energises all the chakras. Sunstone instills good nature, heightens intuition and allows the real self to shine through happily. It dissipates fearfulness, alleviates stress and increases vitality.  is an abundance stone. It encourages independence and originality, is inspirational in revealing talents, and attracts fame and unexpected prosperity. It is an excellent “good luck” crystal for competitions.

Sunstone reminds you that life is meant for living and enjoying. Although we all experience ups and downs, there are always lights at the end of the tunnel. Rushing through life or merely “getting by” makes it harder to find fulfillment and happiness.

Tangerine Quartz

Chemistry: SiO2 Silicon dioxide
NAME ORIGIN: From the German “quarz”, of uncertain origin
Notable occurrences include Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico
Crystallizes in the form of masses, grains, & prismatic crystals

  • To promote Inner Self evaluation and evolution
  • Allows one to re-trace any negative energies which attempt to penetrate ones protective shield
  • Stimulates the sacral chakra and enhances creativity, intuition of the physical plane, and sexuality
  • Dispels isolation and dis-connectedness and abates unwarranted fears
  • The energy brings to one the tendency to feel less vulnerable, more dispassionate, and calm
  • Aligns the outer bodies, provides grounding, creates a pathway to the Higher Self
  • Treatment of disorders related to the reproductive system, to infertility and/or frigidity, and to intestinal disorders
  • Used to promote weight loss
  • Currently being used in the treatment of Parkinson’s dis-ease
  • Said to provide for an increased T-cell count in AIDS patients
  • Astrological sign Leo & Libra

Tiger Eye

Yellow Tiger eye is a form of crocidolite (blue asbestos), always a form of quartz that gets its distinctive yellow and golden brown stripes from inclusions of iron oxide
South Africa is responsible for practically all the tigers eye production in the world

  • Makes one invisible from negative energy sources
  • Promotes courage and self confidence, especially with change
  • Protects travelers from accidents
  • Synthesizes the energies of the Sun & the Earth
  • Enhances psychic abilities
  • Provides for balancing of yin-yang energies
  • Clears negative energy from the Solar Plexus
  • Astrological sign of Capricorn


Topaz is the crystal of potency, communication, love, and good fortune. It helps soothe and heals, while recharging and re-motivating energy to where it is needed most. It promotes truth and forgiveness, openness and honesty. It helps brings successful attainment of goals, and is great for attracting the right person into ones life for friendship, business, and love. If you’re drawn to it can help uncover lies and illusions.

Chemistry: Al 2 SiO 4 (F, OH) 3 Aluminum silicate fluoride hydroxide
NAME ORIGIN: Named after its locality. Topasos Island in the Red Sea
Crystallizes in the form of pebbles and prismatic crystals with a very wide color range

  • Known as a “stone of true love and success in all endeavors”
  • Encourages clear communication on all levels
  • Promotes confidence in decision making
  • Replaces negativity with joy and peace
  • The energy of topaz acts through the laws of attraction and manifestation
  • The “crystal of potency,” instrumental in healing, attracting, meditation, projection
  • Helps one to be unburdened by arrogance, allowing one to see all things as equally important
  • Brings body, mind, spirit into union with the forces of the universe
  • Astrological sign of Sagittarius, Leo, Pisces


Chemistry: CuAl6(PO4)4(OH)8*5(H2O), Hydrated Copper Aluminum Phosphate
Notable Occurrences include Arizona and New Mexico, Australia, Iran, Afghanistan and other localities in the Middle East.
Forms mostly in masses

  • Strengthens all chakras, connecting and aligning energies
  • Connects physical and spiritual awareness while developing inner strength and calmness
  • Heals Throat Chakra blocks, sadness, and karmic guilt
  • A stone of earth grounding
  • A healer of the spirit, providing a soothing energy and bringing peace of mind
  • Enhances communication & creativity
  • To heal the emotional body
  • To increase circulation
  • Relieves headaches
  • Astrological sign of Sagittarius, Pisces & Scorpio