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How our Products are Sourced

When working with the energy it’s important to purchase products that are sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly.  All of our products are thoughtfully put together and handcrafted.  We respect the planet, reducing our carbon footprint and preserving bio-diversity.  We’re involved in every aspect of our business and know our raw products and suppliers inside out.  And we handcraft the manufacturing of our products from start to finish.

 Zen Girl has created a line of all natural handcrafted products, with the highest quality products and ingredients.  All of the natural gemstone bracelets are made with the highest quality crystals, and obtained in a loving way.  The Aromatherapy line was created with the highest quality carrier oils, fragrance oils, and essential oils. The scent profiles will evoke balance, peace, harmony, grounding energies, and much more.

At the end of the day, we buy from someone we trust, and we want you to do the same. So whether you’re looking through your local crystal shop, or shopping online, make sure that the products you’re looking to handle and place in your home are coming from a source you trust. When we put positive effort into respecting the Earth, that energy circles back our way.

Zen Girl